Will can make the difference

Audience enjoying SIR’s Comedy of Errors at the Ruins

Audience enjoying SIR’s Comedy of Errors at the Ruins

How is it that a small theatre company with a limited budget and small staff continuously delivers a quality Shakespearian experience AND an extension program that rivals any other arts programming currently offered in Manitoba? Like most people I came to know Shakespeare in The Ruins by attending shows at the St. Norbert monastery. The plays are engaging, the setting unique, and of course, the post show reflections with my wife made the price of admission well worth it. I’m willing to pay the price of admission for my own entertainment, but am I willing to support the company to expand on my experience and share Shakespeare through the outreach programming? In fact I am.

I ask you to consider the following statement: ‘can SIR maintain the quality of it’s programming without our help’. Join me by making a donation that will ensure Shakespeare’s great themes touch (and change) the lives of all Manitobans.

Francis Maitland

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