SIR Staff

Rodrigo Beilfuss / Artistic Director

Lisa Nelson-Fries / General Manager

Keith Cadieux / Assistant General Manager

Sophie Smith-Dostmohamed / Associate Artistic Director*
*Supported by the Manitoba Arts Council and the Winnipeg Foundation through their Arts Leader program

Claire Thérèse Friesen / SITC Program Director

Sharon Thiessen-Woods / Bookkeeper

Greg Klassen / Marketing Director

Doowah Design / Graphic Designers

SIR Board of Directors

Scott Erickson / Chair

Randal Payne / Secretary

Marilyn Firth / Director

Michelle Holigroski / Director

Kristine Betker / Director

Kate Brownell / Director

Mira Oberman / Director

Sarah Constible / Director / Artistic Associate

Toby Hughes / Director / Artistic Associate

Glen Knapp / Director at Large (Emeritus)

Artistic & Technical Associates