The Odyssey

September 6 – 15 | 2001

Performed at Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park (aka ‘The Ruins’)


Eric Blais
Michelle Boulet
Sarah Constible
Daina Leitold
Arne MacPherson
Megan McArton
Wayne Nicklas
Debbie Patterson
Tom Soares

Telemachus / Andre / Sid / Ghost in Hades
Gorge / Hermes / Amphinomous / Siren / Ghost in Hades
Eurycleia / Athena / Giarodino / Polyphemus / Siren / Ghost in Hades
Jonesey / Calypso / Melantho / Siren / Ghost in Hades
Young Odysseus / Eurymachus
Solo / Antinous / Circe / Siren / Ghost in Hades
Eurylochus / Lars / Ghost in Hades

Artistic & Technical Team

Leanne Foley
Laura Farn
Catherine Green
Brenda Belmonte
Scott Henderson
Katie R. East
Sue Stone
Marlene Meaden
Amanda Smart

Set and Prop Designer
Assistant Set Designer
Costume Designer
Assistant Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Production Manager
Technical Director
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager