Richard III

May 27 – July 3 | 1999

Performed at Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park (aka ‘The Ruins’)


Ryan Black
Michelle Boulet
Sarah Constible
Arne MacPherson
Megan McArton
Debbie Patterson
Lora Schroeder
Robert G. Slade
Nelson Tomé

Hastings / Henry, Earl of Richmond
Queen Margaret / Sir William Catesby / Murderer
Young Duke of York / Sir Richard Ratecliffe / Murderer
Richard , Duke of Gloucester
Queen Elizabeth / Mayor of London / Captain Blunt
Brakenbury / Lord Grey / Duchess of York / Bishop of Ely / Duke of Norfolk
Lady Anne / Lord Rivers / Young Prince of Wales
George, Duke of Clarence / King Edward IV / Cardinal Bouchier / Lord Stanley
Duke of Buckingham

Artistic & Technical Team

Chris Sigurdson
Grant Guy
Scott Henderson
Rick Skene
Maureen Petkau
Kayla McSwain
Matthew Lawrence
Katie R. East
Sue Stone
Katie R. East
Michael J. Walton
Catherine Famega

Set and Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Fight Director
Head of Wardrobe
Head of Props
Production Manager
Technical Director
Stage Manager
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager