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Tues/Weds Thurs-Sat Matinees Adult $30 $35 $25 Student/Senior $20 $25 $15 12 & under $15 $15 $10 Show times Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday May 29Preview7:30pm May 30Opening 7:30pm May 317:30pm June 17:30pm June 22:30pm June 3 June 47:30pm June 57:30pm June 67:30pm June 77:30pm June 82:30pm7:30pm June 92:30pm June 10 June 117:30pm June 127:30pm June 137:30pm June 147:30pm June 152:30pm7:30pm June 162:30pm June 17 June 187:30pm June 197:30pm June 207:30pm June 217:30pm June 222:30pm7:30pm
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If Loving The Bard is Wrong, I Don’t Wanna be Right…

by Pamela Lockman I was around nine or ten years old when I first met The Bard. It was on a class trip from my small-town school on Long Island in New York. We went to nearby Hofstra University for their annual Shakespeare Festival. We went every year from about grade six through junior high, and even some years during high school. I had never read Shakespeare before my first theatre experience, and in some of those early years, we never read the play in class. But we went anyway. What I remember well is, first, absolutely loving the whole
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