Head 2006


September 14 – 23 | 2006

Performed at Assiniboine Park Conservatory


Nancy Drake / Fool to Anne Boleyn
Samantha Hill / Jane Seymour
Richard Hurst / Archbishop Thomas Cranmer
James Johnston / Mark Smeaton / Officer
Marina Stephenson Kerr / Anne Boleyn
Steven Ratzlaff / Lord Kingston
Miriam Smith / Lady Kingston
Melanie Whyte / Mistress Stoner
Cory Wojcik / King Henry VIII

Artistic & Technical Team

Debbie Patterson / Writer and Composer
Arne MacPherson / Director
Brain Perchaluk / Costume Design
Eric Bossé / Set Design
Christy Wigston Rutley / Lighting Design
Greg Lowe / Musical Director
Patricia Rabson / Vocal Director
Kimberley Rampersad / Choreographer
Norma Lachance / Head of Wardrobe
Karin Erhardt / Cello
Greg Lowe / Guitar
Erica Schulz / Harp
Marvin Terhoch / Production Manager
Marvin Terhoch / Technical Director
Georgette Nairn / Stage Manager
Allison Loat / Apprentice Stage Manager


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