The Threepenny Opera

January 9 – 26 | 2002

Performed at and co-produced with The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre


Michelle Boulet
Sarah Constible
Krista Jackson
Megan McArton
Wayne Nicklas
Debbie Patterson
Csilla Przibislawsky
Gene Pyrz
Lora Schroeder
Christopher Sigurdson

Matt-of-the-Mint / Beggar
Celia Peachum
Polly Peachum / Beggar
Smith / Weeping Willow / Walter / Vixen (Whore) / Beggar
Tiger Brown
Ned / Jenny (Whore) / Beggar
Lucy / Reverend Kimball / Dolly (Whore) / Beggar
Filch / Crook-Fingered Jake / Nelly (Whore) / Beggar
Jonathan Jeremiah Peachum

Artistic & Technical Team

Arne MacPherson
Grant Guy
Scott Henderson
Brenda Gorlick
Tusia Kozub
Kurt Weill
Bertolt Brecht
Katie R. East
Madame Marlene Meaden
Constable Amanda Smart

Set, Prop, and Costume Designer
Lighting Designer
Music Direction / Piano Player
Books & Lyrics
Production Manager
Stage Manager
Apprentice Stage Manager