Written by Daniel Macdonald


June 14 – July 7 | 2024




Iago Speaks is a sophisticated and entirely original play that celebrates and questions the very idea of what Theatre is. At first glance, the play appears to follow the events immediately after the curtain comes down on Shakespeare’s Othello; but the story quickly turns, introducing us to Iago’s jailor – a bit player – as he tries to find the true purpose of his repetitive task of keeping watch over Iago. If you don’t quite ‘get’ Shakespeare, don’t worry: neither does the Jailor! This meta-theatrical comedic romp into the imagined next chapter of a notorious Shakespearean villain is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Will Iago break free? Will the Jailor finally be the protagonist of his own story? What is the point of stories? Why do we keep telling the same old stories repeatedly? Iago Speaks tackles all of the big questions – and more.


A stationary performance at The Ruins @ Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park

Run time: 90 minutes, no intermission


$30.00 Regular Admission

$20.00 Discounted Admission (for patrons under 30, members of the theatre industry, under-employed folks or people living on a fixed-income such as EI, EIA or CPP.)

Pay What You Can Tuesdays 

June Dates

Fri      14-June  (07:30 PM)
Sat     15-June (02:00 PM)
Tue    18-June (07:30 PM)
Sat     22-June (07:30 PM)

June Dates

Sun    23-June (02:00 PM)
Wed   26-June (07:30 PM)
Thu    27-June (07:30 PM)
Sat     29-June (07:30 PM)

July Dates

Tue    2-July (07:30 PM)
Thu    4-July (07:30 PM)
Sun    7-July (02:00 PM)

Playwright Daniel Macdonald and Rodrigo discuss the making of Iago Speaks and how Shakespeare continues to inspire new works.

In Daniel Macdonald’s Iago Speaks, The Jailor exclaims that Iago is:

“A most notorious villain. The most villainous villain in all villainy.”


In this Shakespeare Snippet, Artistic Director, Rodrigo Beilfuss tells us why.



Joshua Beaudry  The Jailor
Arne MacPherson  Iago



Daniel Macdonald Playwright
Rodrigo Beilfuss  Director
Matthew Paris – Irvine Associate Director & Movement Director
Kate George  Set & Props Design
Brenda McLean  Costume Design
Evan King  Production Manager & Running Crew
Cari Simpson  Technical Director
Katie Hoppa  Production Stage Manager
Ridge Romanishen  Stage Manager
Samantha Sage  Assistant Stage Manager
Jacquie Loewen Fight Director
Rachel Baziuk  Props & Set Coordinator
Julia Anderson  Wardrobe Coordinator
Claire Sparling Cutter/Stitcher