In The City

A vital part of SIR’s mandate is to foster a life-long love of theatre (especially Shakespeare), particularly among youth.  To that end we have developed a youth and community program which focuses on students that are at risk of not attaining a high school level education: Shakespeare in the City (SITC).  

Our goal is to encourage young people who are unfamiliar with theatre and acting to embrace the spirit of personal discovery through an active study of Shakespeare.  These workshops are aimed at overcoming the students’ existing prejudices surrounding the text, while building their self-confidence and ability to work as a team.

The program culminates in a public performance of one of Shakespeare’s parred down plays for the friends and family of the participants.

The impact in this program is instrinsically entwined in the self-esteem of every single one of these kids.  If they can get up in public and recite Shakespeare’s text covering such topics as domestic violence and racism, then they empower themselves to believe the answers to their fate lie within themselves.