Frequently Asked Questions – How to stream Shakespeare’s Will

TICKETS: Pay What You Choose

$1, $5, or $10 + Service charges

Phone: 204 891 9160 / email

Shakespeare in the Ruins staff will respond to messages. Direct service support is offered through the streaming platform

Where can I buy tickets?

Upon clicking the TICKETS button/image, you will be redirected to, the streaming service we are using to present Shakespeare’s Will. Near the top of the page, click on menu line which read “Current Events.” There, you will see thumbnail images for the film with different language, subtitle, and described video options. There are no physical tickets, but purchasing a ticket will grant you access to stream the film.

You may choose to pay whatever dollar amount suits you best: $1, $5, or $10. All tickets have GST already included but, no matter what price point chosen, they are subject to a small service fee collected by ShowTix4U.

Where do I watch the film?

Once your ticket is purchased, you’ll be able to view the film directly from your browser. You will need to watch on a device with an internet browser (computer, smartphone). If your computer can use a television as a display, then the film can be viewed on a television. Unfortunately, SIR box office is unable to provide support or instructions on patrons’ individual display setups.

Do I need to download the video file?

No, the film file can not be downloaded but must be streamed online. This means that you will require an active high speed internet connection in order to view the film. Dial up internet is not recommended.

How do I turn on the subtitles?

Our production of Shakespeare’s Will is available with closed captions in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Hindi, and Mandarin. The film will begin playing with no subtitles as a default setting. At the bottom of your screen, you should see a white play bar (with a play and pause button) which displays your progress through the film. At the far right bottom corner of that bar, there are a series of small icons, one of which is “CC” inside a small square. Clicking on this will allow you to turn on Closed Captions. The subtitles will be in the language chosen when you purchased your tickets.

Can the film be paused, fast forwarded, or rewound?

Yes, playback of the film allows you to pause and even fast forward or rewind. One ticket grants you access to stream the film for 48 hours. Once you first begin to play the film, the 48 hour countdown begins. After 48 hours has elapsed, you will no longer have access to any part of the film.

Can the film be viewed after December 5?

No. At 11:45pm CDT (midnight) December 6 the film will be completely removed from the streaming platform and viewing will no longer be possible. This remains true even if your 48 access period is not yet expired. To avoid any interruptions or missing any portion of the film, final viewings of the film should begin no later than 10:00pm CST on December 5.

What if I have technical issues while viewing the film? has some basic instructions and a support chat option through their website. This is the most effective and immediate method to troubleshoot issues with viewing the film. As well, Shakespeare in the Ruins will be responding to messages received by email ( or phone (204 891-9160). Our telephone support is only offered in English.