Much Ado About Nothing

Trappist Monastery Provincial Heritage Park 80 Rues des Ruines du Monastere, Winnipeg

Much Ado About Nothing is one of Shakespeare’s most delightful comedies, featuring two of his best quarreling lovers, Beatrice and Benedick–who passionately quibble their way into falling madly in love in a world of ‘fake news’, gossip and dangerous lies. In this lively romance, two plots are carefully interwoven to lead to a volcanic fourth act, where the apparent destruction of one marriage (of Claudio and Hero) helps bring about another – that of Benedick and Beatrice. Shakespeare balances the play carefully, peppering high comedy with somber layers of action that ring shockingly fresh today: much of the intrigue in the play is skillfully built on characters overhearing conversations, often laden with misinformation to trick the eavesdropper. In the chaotic age of social media, the themes of this euphoric comedy feel terrifyingly timely. FOR TICKETS - CLICK HERE Doors: 6:30pm Showtime: 7:30pm Regular Price: $35.00 Discount Price: $15.00 (for patrons Under 30, in the theatre industry, under-employed or living on a fixed-income.)